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Dr. Karen's Male Prescription
This very safe remedy for glandular swelling, and urinary irritation.
Sabal serrulata X6. relive glandular swelling. Calc fluor X6. lends strength to elastic fibers of membranes and blood vessels. Argentum nitr X6. often suffers anti cipatory nervs or fear of failure sometimes because of mental strain.
Caladium X6. adds lack of pleasure or emissions and relaxation with excitement. Feerm phos X6. and Kalium sulf X6. Terebinthina X6. Support you all the way to break the antibiotic cycle.
In addition Mens one Daily Vitamin combination or Advantage.

How to take Homeopathic remedies from Karen's Prescription.
2 tabl. of each remedies 3 times daily, Wait at least 20 minutes before eating or drinking anything but water.

How to take vitamin's in addition.
1 tabl. each morning with a glass of water.

Dr. Karen's Allergy
Make your symptoms much easier bear and much shorter duration.
Euphrasia X6. Berberis X6. Candida alb (monilia)X6. Kalium phos. X6.

Single Remedy's
Cell Salts 500 tabl.
Homeopathic remedies 250 tablets

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Dr Karen's Bronicial Prescription
Relief symptoms of cough especially coughs with mucous production and a sensation of ticking in the throat.
Ferrum phos X6. Natrium mur X6. Kalium mur X6. In addition Vitamin C and Folic Acid.

Dr Karen's cold and Flu Prescription
Relief symptoms of flu including sore aching muscles. Colds where the body aches supersede respiratory, nasal and sinus problems.
Ferrum phos X6. Natrium sulf X6. Kalium mur X6. In addition Vitamin C, Folic Acid and Copper.

Dr. Karen's Sinus Prescription
Relief symptoms of respiratory, nasal and sinus problems, With clear to yellow discharge.
Ferrum Phos X6. Kal mur X6. Kalu phos X6. In addition Vitamin C and Folic Acid.

Dr. Karen's Debility Prescription
Ferrum phos X6. Kalium sulf X6. In addition Vitamin C E Zink Selenium Copper Folid Acid and Manganse.

Dr. Karen's Leg Cramps Prescription
Cramps and pains in lower back and legs. Ferrum phos X6. Kalium sulf X6. Magnesium phos X6. in addition Vitamin C E Thiamin Riboflavin Niacin B6 Folic Acid B12 Biotin Zinc Copper and Pantothenic Acid.

Dr. Karen's Back Pain Prescription
For the relief of symptoms from back pain. Magnesium phos X6, Rhus tox X6, Colocynthis X6, Calcium fluor X6

Dr. Karen's Headache
Magnesium phos X6. Kalium phos X6. Calcium sulf X6.

Dr. Karen's Digestive Prescription
Relief symptoms of dyspepsia upset stomach. Natrium mur X6. Natrium sulf X6. Silicea X6. Carbo veg X6.

Dr. Karen's Urinary Prescription
Ferrum phos X6. Cantharis X6. Apis mell X6. In addition Vitamin C E Zinc and Folic Acid

Dr. Karen's PMS Prescription
Relief symptoms of painful menstruation cramps and irritability associated with menstrual period.
Pulsatilla X6. Caulophyllum X6. Viburnum X6.

Dr. Karen's Menstrual cramp Prescription
Relief painful cramps associated with menstrual periods.
Caulphyllum X6. Magnesium phos X6. Viburnum X6.

Dr. Karen's Insomnia and nerves
The nerv healing cell salt Kalium phos is only the beginning of this prescription.
Kalium phos provides basic support whenever the nervous system is under emotional or physical stress.
Ferrum phos X6. Kalium phos X6. Phosphoricum acid X6. Passiflora X6. is here to get a good night's sleep out of work and worry that assault you.